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Travel Videos: Japan

Danjiri Matsuri: Part I -- Osaka's rowdiest festival, large expensive mikoshi are run through the city streets sometimes colliding with hapless spectators!
Length: 3 min 34 sec
  Danjiri Matsuri: Part II -- Video taken from the street and a closeup view of the chaos of the festival!
Length: 1 min 47 sec
Danjiri Matsuri: Part III -- At night, children lead the procession of mikoshi alight with paper lanterns.
Length: 39 sec
  Noh Play -- A traditional theatre performance held at a local shrine and the food stalls nearby.
Length: 5 min 34 sec

Hanazumo Matsuri: Part I -- Also known as the "Crying Baby Sumo Festival", this festival enlists the aid of toddler and infant sumo wrestlers. This video features the preparations.
Length:2 min 22 sec
  Hanazumo Matsuri: Part II-- Also known as the "Crying Baby Sumo Festival", this festival enlists the aid of toddler and infant sumo wrestlers. This video features the matches.
Length: 2 min 40 sec
Gozan Fire Festival -- Every summer on August 16th, the mountains of Kyoto light up with fire as monks burn 300 foot kanji visible all over the city.
Length: 3 min 18 sec
  Kada Shrine -- A beautiful shrine and the site of the Hina Matsuri festival which takes place every year on March 3.
Length: 3 min 8 sec

Travel Videos: Mexico

Dia de los Muertos -- See the candle-lit cemeteries and the outrageous parades that make the "Day of the Dead" festival so famous!
Length: Variable

Travel Videos: Egypt

Great Pyramids -- Descend into one of the great pyramids of Egypt and see its inner stone chambers.
Length: 3 min 00 sec
  Queen's Pyramid -- See and descend down into one of the queens' smaller pyramids.
Length: 1 min 51 sec
The Sphinx -- Here you can see the famous sphinx, its enclosure, nearby temple and the erosion patterns that have caused a huge controversy.
Length: 3 min 00 sec
  Saqqara -- A huge cemetery complex underneath the desert sands found very recently only by accident!
Length: 3 min 43 sec

Mosques -- See a selection of mosques in Cairo in this video clip.
Length: 4 min 36 sec
  Khan El-Khalili -- The world-famous Arabic marketplace is busy and colorful.
Length: 1 min 37 sec

Karnak Temple -- Probably the most built-up temple complex in all of Egypt and the site of some of its most sacred ceremonies.
Length: 5 min 00 sec
  Philae Temple -- This temple was saved from being submerged by moving it to higher ground nearby. See the last bastion of the Egyptian religion.
Length: 3 min 21 sec
Abydos -- This beautiful temple was the burial place for the first kings of a unified Egypt and is still one of the best preserved temples along the Nile.
Length: 2 min 51 sec
  Dendera -- This late Egyptian temple is remarkably well-preserved and features multiple levels that tourists can explore.
Length: 1 min 10 sec


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