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Here's the latest news on my web page. When you check my page for updates, be sure and check here to see exactly what it is I've updated!

3/26/2006  The Arc de Triomphe is uploaded.

3/22/2006  The Parisian Marketplace is uploaded.

3/21/2006  The Eiffel Tower is uploaded.

3/20/2006  The Paris Street Scenes / Orientation is uploaded.

3/20/2006  France is under heavy construction; it will be in the upload process this month.

1/25/2006  The "Travel Addict" Shop is now open for business!

11/13/2005  Danjiri Matsuri is up (finally).

11/09/2005  Wakayama, Japan is up (finally).

11/08/2005  Oaxaca, Mexico is up.

10/25/2005  Some Egyptian Travel Videos are uploaded.

10/21/2005  Some Japanese Travel Videos are uploaded.

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