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Taxco and Cuernavaca: Churches

The highlight of a trip to Cuernavaca is a trip to the church in the center of town. It features an set of very interesting frescoes on the inside, telling the story of a large group of missionaries who traveled to Japan and were all crucified by the Japanese.
Above the doorway is placed the skull and crossbones with the cross directly above it signifying Catholicism's triumph over everything, including death.
The church of Parroqui de Santa Prisca is crafted of rose-colored stone and is one of the most beautiful churches you will see in Mexico. Almost the entire front of the church is covered with elaborately carved figures. The carving on the right is just above the doorway and depicts Christ's baptism.
Inside the church, the elaborately carved altarpieces are covered with gold and the art buffs will see that much of the work, inside and out, is done in the Churrigueresque style.

Designed by Spanish architects Diego Duran and Juan Caballero, it was constructed between 1751 and 1758. The church construction and decor was largely financed by Don Jose de la Borda who eventually donated the church to the town of Taxco. The construction costs almost bankrupted the wealthy merchant.

The private sacristy of the church is just as impressive as the main area; filled with beautiful paintings and gold-covered carvings.

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