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El Arbol del Tule

If you're staying in Oaxaca and find yourself with half a day to make a short excursion, a nice trip might be to the small town of El Tule, about six miles east of Oaxaca. It is a small, quaint, unremarkable town, but it has one claim to fame: it has (so claimed) the largest, single, living biomass in the world.

The tree is 58m (190 feet) wide around and 42m (138 feet) high and is estimated to be between 2,000 and 3,000 years old!

The tree is very odd in how it has grown. It looks like something out of one of Dr. Seuss's nightmares. Branches are twisted and there are large, growth-like protrusions. It almost looks as if a large number of very gnarly trees have just been stuck together, but it is said that the tree is a single tree and it is supposed to be quite healthy.

The Arbol at its thinnest


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