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Oaxaca, Mexico: Cityscapes

An outdoor cafe on the zocalo

So... when you go to Mexico City and discover it wasn't really what you had imagined "Mexico" to be, what do you do? Go to Oaxaca, of course!

Oaxaca is a charming, cleaner, slower-paced and much more colonial and picturesque setting than the abomonible Mexico City. It has some first rate museums, some terrific day trips and lots of friendly people.

The charming zocalo is a wonderful place to catch a breather between sights or to grab a bite to eat

A delicacy in Oaxaca you must try, for the adventure if not the flavor, is called chapulines. They are fried grasshoppers served with chilli and lime. Once you get past the legs, they're not all that bad.

You'll definitely get your chance to try them, though, as there are many street vendors selling little bags of these tasty insects.

You can spend entire days walking up and down the city streets, taking pictures of the colonial buildings, shopping in the small stores lining the streets and drinking hot cocoa at a cafe. Things move at a much more leisurely pace here than up north in Mexico City.

The Iglesia de Santo Domingo is just four blocks north of the cathedral and one of the finest churches you will see in Mexico. The church is beautiful any time of day, but seems to glow at night. The entire interior is lavish with gilded and colored stucco.

Both the altar face and the ceiling is covered with gilded carvings and paintings and among the most elaborate and beautiful I saw in Mexico.


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