May 25, 2000
11:25 pm
Right now I'm feeling: tired

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Chiaki : Bee

She's been in and out of a few bands, I think... this picture was taken when she was with 'Pocket Biscuits' just last year.

  Quote of the Day:
"The greatest mistake a person can make is to doubt their own worth."
-- J. N. Mendoza

Highway Robbery

I was voluntarily robbed today.

First, I paid some overdue charges for a single movie and a CD. I paid about $4.50 US to check them out for a week (the usual at my regular video store). You'd think that I could find 20 minutes during the week to get up off my lazy ass to return the damn things. That's seven days. Seven whole days. But no. That would necessitate having an organized life, which I most certainly do not. So, I return them five days late. I'm thinking, "How much could they charge? I mean, not more than twice the regular check-out, right?" El wrongo.

I walked away from those bloodsuckers $20 poorer.

Next, I went to the supermarket to buy some fruit. Two apples cost me about four dollars.

That's four dollars. As in about four hundred cents.

Y'know, everyone around here grows rice. If they have a small plot of land five feet by five feet, they'll plant rice there. Man, screw rice. Grow fruit! Grow those honeydew melons that cost freaking 50 or 100 bucks a pop! Apparently no one thinks like this and it's a shame. It makes fruit so rare that when they do get fruit it comes wrapped in celophane with soft-styrofoam mesh protectant packaging. It looks outrageously ridiculous. So much trouble for a piece of fruit which costs a tenth of that price in the States... I never knew I had it so good.

School Trip: Part Deux

Through a strange twist of scheduling, I ended up changing schools to Seiwa Junior High Schooljust before they went on their school trip. The last one wasn't so exhilerating, so I opted to go with the first graders to Tomogasima Island. It's not far from Wakayama City, a train ride, short walk, then a short ferry ride over.

(I'll have the pictures posted in this entry in a couple days after I've gotten them developed!)

Going with the first graders was going to be tiring, I knew, but just knowing it was going to be trying couldn't prepare me for today. I didn't even get the chance to open the book I brought. On the train to Kada I was assaulted by questions, pokes and prods. For some reason, the first graders at this school are obsessed with touching me.

I felt like saying, "Hey, kids. I'm not a god or anything. I'm not one of those statues at the Shinto shrines you can rub the belly for good luck so if you please, STOP POKING ME, GODDAMMIT!"

A girl named Miyuki started chatting to me right away. She was so happy to be standing next to me, talking to me that she held her hands in front of her face for half the train ride... giggling uncontrollably like a madman. Her face and hands were so red with excitement that I thought for sure her clothes would start to smolder.

The ferry ride over was heaven. I love the wide open sea. The smells of the ocean, the sounds of a boat churning through the waters and the misty spray that comes off the front of the boat and blesses your face if you lean over the side just a bit. We were only going a short way, but I could see so far. I must say it was tempting to just LEAP over the side and land in all that water, just to feel the expanse of the open sea. There's an actual name for this phenomenon, but I can't remember what it is... for the irrational desire to be overcome or be engulfed by a vast emptiness of space. It makes people jump off of cliffs, bridges, and out of planes and they screen astronauts for it. It must feel great... for a few seconds (then it's game over, neh?)

Like last time, I was kidnapped early by a group of girls, Miyuki and a few of her friends and we went hiking around the small island. Now, this place was small, but it was a pretty decent hike. It even made me tired. The trail went along the seashore and criscrossed through the island.

The trip to the island only lasted about three hours, then the kids were rounded up for the trip back. Me and the kids got back just in time to see the fishers wrapping up their spoils and getting organized. They didn't really catch much. I saw a couple boasting a few colorful eel-like fishies (which I'm pretty sure my Japanese friends said were poisonous) and one had this jellyfish-like thing, but it didnt' have any tentacles... I'd never seen anything like it, I wonder what it was.

There were five students missing in action. Late coming back from their hikes. The bastards who ran the ferry wouldn't even wait a couple minutes, they said. The had to go right at 1pm, and if they didn't, the wrath of all their gods was sure to be unleashed and they would have bad luck for 579 days. A few teachers stayed behind to look for the errant youths. As fate would have it, we saw them scurrying up the path towards the dock just as we were pulling out. Those teachers were pissed. They had to hire another boat.

Damn, those kids were touchy... we were packed like sardines on the ferry and I didn't see any English teachers for the duration of the voyage, so it's not like I could pull a kid aside and give him a 15 minute lecture on why it's inappropriate to touch the foreigner there. After poking me in the stomach, one girl exclaimed suddenly that I was fat! Can you believe that?!? ME?? ME!! Well, spank my ass and call me Charlie, I never thought the day would come when someone would think of me as fat. I mean, just because the Japanese ideal of beauty happens to be the visage of a nutritionally-deprived heroin addict, doesn't make everyone else fat, does it?

Mouse Mayhem: Revisited

I took a chance on buying another Japanese mouse. I went USB. It's the first time I've ever plugged anything USB into my computer... Gee, I feel like I'm stepping up in the world. It works this time!


The hunt for the digital camera of the gods continues. I'm looking for a 3X optical zoom with a digital zoom, small enough to fit in my pocket for around 500 big ones. I may be asking too much. I've got it narrowed down to two, but either one I take I'll have to compromise on what I want. I'm leaning towards a Fuji camera that's small, but it's got no USB port like the Sony one. Drat. The Sony one is about 40% larger than the Fuji, but has a 2X digital zoom as well. Decisions, decisions.

Dreams: Revisited

A while back I was telling you guys about my wacked-out nights and one of my few-but-wonderful-and-faithful readers told me that Tylenol PM would help. Well, it finally came in the mail today, courtesy of my dear mama. I hope that stuff works cause these nightmares are eating my brain alive. I can't stand it anymore. If I have one more dream about a loved-one dying or my entire future falling into ruin I'm gonna bash myself over the head with a large, blunt object before I go to sleep.


WWW.50MEGS.COM shut down the site I had a lot of my Real Audio files on, so I had to shunt them to new Angelfire accounts. I can't wait til I move my site where I'll have much more space. Can't do that until Network Solutions releases the domain name I'm waiting for though.

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