May 1, 2001


Right now I'm feeling: Pretty good

Right now I'm listening to: Onitsuka Chihiro

Onitsuka Chihiro -- Memai     

Everyone's talking about Onitsuka's first album. She's got an amazing, very uncharacteristic Japanese voice and her songs are topping the charts all over Japan.

A group of excessively talkative,
but endearing third-graders

A girl getting her hair dyed black

Schoolboys gambling at the train station

Nationalistic dreamers
(From what I understand, it's the yakuza who manages and funds these trucks)


Since I got back from Egypt a few weeks ago my life has been a blur. I really hate that. Life won't stay still for nobody or nothing. And isn't it weird how certain periods of time will pass quicker or faster for everybody, no matter what they're doing? Seriously, talk about it with people and they'll agree with you about how some months drag their sorry behinds and others go by with lightening speeds.

Those of you on my Notify List know that I had a spellbinding time in Egypt. Now that I'm back in Japan I have to come to terms with the real possiblity of leaving off of traveling for quite some time. In about two and a half months I return to America and the pale shadow that my life was before I came to Japan if I don't find another job around here soon. hahaha I'm partly kidding. I don't really dread it that much, but I have no idea what I would do if I did return to the States.

There is antoher reason for me to stay here, though. Her name is Kaori. I just met her and she's a brilliant, beautiful, med student at a university in Kyoto. We had a fantastic first date on Friday. Quiet walk along the river, a great meal and discussion. She's a great girl. So diverse in her interests. Loves to salsa dance, travel, and loves to laugh (and she has a nice laugh, a huge plus). I really cut the train ride too close, though, and was stuck in Osaka wandering the streets for the night until I found a Denny's!! If you can believe that. I sure as heck couldn't. Before you ask, no the specials weren't the same, but they were similar and it was a breath of familiarity in crazy Osaka. I caught a 5:30 am train back to Wakayama and arrived very disheveled and tired.

I find it hard to justify my getting involved with a girl when I am facing the very real possibility of departure in only a couple short months. But what the heck, ne? You only live once.

Some of my friends are preparing to send their belongings back to their home countries. It's going to cost me a small fortune to get all this junk back to America, but I sure as heck don't want to leave it here. I sure hope I don't leave it all till the last minute, but knowing me I probably will. No, you don't understand... really, till the last minute.

Despite what I said a couple of weeks ago, I do really like my job overall. I love it. I don't think I could do it forever, though, and I certainly don't want to do it in America, where, for my first teaching assignment, they'd probably put me in a school that requires you to go through a metal detector and be strip-searched before they let you through the front gates. I really hope I'm not developing a "Mr. Holland's Opus" complex. I'm not sure I could deal with that.

If I do stay, I'd have to find a good job, and the jobs like the one I have are pretty sparse in Wakayama. I've tested the waters but really haven't made that much of an effort. If I stayed here, in Japan, I'd want to stay here, in Wakyama. I have no idea what I'm going to do.

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