April 19, 2000
Right now I'm feeling: Like I'm going to EXPLODE 

Right now I'm listening to: Maki Ohguro's "Stop Motion"

Last night I dreamed-- that I was forced to marry the queen of England. As you can imagine, it was not pleasant.

Quote of the Day:
"There is no dependence that can be sure but a dependence upon one's self."
-- John Gay


Heap just emailed me to tell me that when my homepage is loaded there's a file that repeatedly asks to be downloaded. I had no idea that it did that and I'm so so so so frustrated that my page has been up for a while, and all the while this glitch has been there and I never knew. And what's worse is that I can't even log on to Tripod to fix it!!!

But now I'm listening to Maki (loudly, very loudly), so I feel a little better. She's got the kind of voice that on certain songs just makes you want to get up and shake your ass. And it would make me feel like that too if I was a normal person. But I ain't. Thank God.

The hunt for the web host of the gods continues. Tripod will soon be including pop up ads onto my web page, so I am hunting for a web host that has at least 30 megs of space, nearly unlimited traffic, no setup fee, less than $10 a month, and free domain registration. Yes, I know. But leave me to my illusions, ok?

Bumped into that Moroccan guy again on the train. Nice guy, seemed eager to talk to me, not sure if he gets to talk to a lot of foreigners. Also, on the train, ran into one of my prize students from last year who I keep meaning to write back. Really, I do! Sometimes it just seems that my time slips into the wandering black hole which roams around my apartment swallowing things I need. Anyone else have one of those? Wandering black holes? Things completely disappearing from where you left them, never to be seen again? I wish I had a thousand other students just like Rika, though. Brilliant, loves English, and has dreams of grandeur.

The smoke was particularly bad in the teachers' room today, so I went upstairs to where the English Crew (small group of older, semi-annoying but really nice incurable gossiping women) hang out. Today they were all excited over the special ed's teachers' marriage to an office clerk in another school. He's 40, she's...24. HELLLLOOOOOO???? He showed me a wedding picture and she's a babe. No wonder he was so excited. Here he's wondering if he's going to have to go through life a lone Japanese man, forever going to hostess bars and soaplands for relief, and he gets hitched with a 24 year old recent college grad hottie. Man, what a bum. Maybe I'm just jealous. Pah! That's bullshit. Who wants a woman anyway? Nothing but headaches, heartaches, and a hole in the pocket! Right? RIGHT?!? (Again, please allow me the quiet solace of my illusions)

I made a scene in one of my classes yesterday. It wasn't actually my fault,I wasn't trying to. I was walking around asking the students questions trying to make sure they had got the concept, when I came upon a student with a notebook on her desk with the words, "LOVE JEFF" and a little red heart on it. Those were pretty much the only markings on the notebook. It was really cute and I said, "Awwww!! Thank you!! "You're so sweet!" while putting both my hands on her shoulders. She tried to pass it off like it wasn't her notebook, but no one would take it and she got REAL embarrassed. She started to tear up a little bit and I thought she was going to cry, so I moved on the topic of discussion as quickly as I could. Cute kid. Feel guilty about that.

"Mrs. Kamen" (I'll refer to her as that) has been wearing a mask for the past three days. Not a theatre mask or a movie monster mask, but a medical, doctor rubber-band-type mask. She's sick and to avoid spreading the terrible horrors of the common cold, most Japanese people wear these little white sanitary masks over their mouths/noses. Needless to say, they look absolutely ridiculous.

It's raining quite hard now. I hope it keeps up. Actually, I hope it gets worse. Much worse. I hope there's a bloody hurricane tomorrow. Why, you ask? Because if there is, then school will be cancelled and I won't have to do my self-introduction again for the new students. It probably won't be that long, and we can't do any kind of activity because they don't know the alphabet yet. Kindof cuts down on choices. But if it hurricanes (I know that's not a verb) then I get the day off to surf. The web. And maybe write Rika back. And write all of the other emails and letters I've been putting off. Hmmm. Doesn't sound like too much fun either way, but I'll cast my hopes for the hurricane.

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