April 17, 2000
Right now I'm feeling: Good!  

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Every little Thing

Today at work I was reading: The Eye of the world by Robert Jordan.

Quote of the Day:
"They can conquer who believe they can."
-- Virgil


I just opened my mailbox and it has 141 messages in it. Ugh. Mail is supposed to be a good thing, right? It's supposed to make you feel loved and welcome and thought-of. Like that cheesy chick-flick (which I happened to like, by the way) You've Got Mail. But getting home from a hard day's work (all right, so work wasn't so hard) and trying to get settled, you've got to have some warning about this overflow. I would totally buy a program which monitored your email inbox and as soon as you logged onto your computer (but before you opened your mail inbox), it'd say stuff like, "You've got mail!", in a nice, cheerful voice if you've got like five messages. If you've got 40, it'd say, "You've got a ton of mail". If you had 70 it'd say, "Damn, boooeeyy. You got hella mail!". If you have over 120 it'd say, "Shit, Jeff!! Get yo ass offa somma these goddam mailing lists!"

I was late to school today. You're probably not shocked about that, but I was really late this time. I'm talking two hours. (Is that bad?) I was only going to be a half hour late, but I missed my "#1 Late Train" by one minute and had to wait a frickin hour for the next one. It was Sports Test Day, so I had no classes. Sports Test Day is exactly what it sounds like: the students are tested for athletic ability. They don't fail or anything if they suck, but... I think it's supposed to be some kind of embarrasment, but no one really pays attention anymore. If you can't throw the volleyball farther than a five year old, "oh well", You know what I mean? It probably meant a great deal about 20 years ago, but now it's just an excuse not to have class. I didn't throw the volleyball or long jump, but I did do a 100m dash (or was it a 50? I'm terrible with distances). I raced two girls; one I beat, the other I didn't. Damn. They were fast. True, I hadn't actually really run in years, but I thought I should have been able to beat them by tons. No matter how hard I strained, I just couldn't catch up to the one girl. After the race, though, I was able to save a little face because I was able to give the appearance of not panting like they were. I also discovered that the girl who beat me was on the track and field team. Arrghh. Cheaters!

Two girls came to my desk and had strange requests. One wanted to be a geisha, but in America, and wanted to know what she had to do to accomplish this feat. I sadly told her that I had absolutley no idea what was involved. It was her dream, she said, but I don't think she was willing to spend the time that she needed to become fluent in English. To her credit, though, she is one of the people I can understand without her actually speaking in English. For some reason I understand 90% of her Japanese and I don't know that much.

The other girl wanted her socks back. Ummm... socks? Yes, socks. Apparently, on Saturday there was a "sock raid". All the girls with non-regulation (is that a word? or can I say "un-regulation"?? Or is it de-regulation??? Damn, I'm losing my English)... anyway, all the girls whose socks don't fit the dress code get rounded up like cattle and stripped of their precious large, legwarmer-type socks. Then they get these small, very girly-girl type wussy socks that being forced to wear can only be punishment for their stylistic transgressions. Their oversized socks are then either hoarded somewhere or thrown out. Her request was that I discreetly get her socks back without the other teachers knowing. I had no idea where they were and told her so. She seemed disappointed in my apparent lack of power. She is one of the girls who thinks that there is a room in the school with trash bags upon trash bags filled with loose socks. There may be such a room in the school, I don't know. I don't go poking around much, but maybe I should.

Yesterday I went to the electronics store with my neighbor and saw the first CD-RW integrated stereo system I'd ever seen. I couldn't believe my eyes. I found Glen from where he was wandering and dragged him hurriedly over to the spot. He couldn't figure out what I was so excited about it until he laid eyes on it himself. Ahhhh.... we just stood and drooled over it for a while. It was beautiful. Glorious. Just what I've always wanted. Yeah, sure it was about $550, but who the hell cares? Only bummer thing about it was that it didn't have an MD player/recorder. That would have made it complete. Technology comes out fast here, but not too many people have it. I've seen RW-DVDs here for while but I don't know anyone with a DVD drive, let alone a recordable one.

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