April 2, 2000
Right now I'm feeling: Pretty good (Just figured out how to do something new with Photoshop)

Right now I'm listening to: Do As Infinity -- A great J-Pop group I just discovered

These days I'm reading: The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan. A kick-ass fantasy novel, and The Demon-Haunted World by Carl Sagan.

Quote of the Day:
"Man often becomes what
he believes himself to be."
-- Mahatma Gandhi
April Fool's Day

I got a message on my answering machine yesterday from my neighbor grievously informing me that some bad news about one of one of my stocks came out and the value of the stock plummetted in after-hours trading. I absolutely freaked out and rushed to my computer and called up yesterday's charts, only to confirm that the bastard had totally jerked my chain. Yes, it was April Fool's Day.
I kind of wanted to do something outrageous. I have always wanted to pull off some kind of caper on April Fool's Day that would make people's hair stand on end just hearing about it. But I haven't done anything like that yet. I always wanted to be mischevious. Unpredictible and spontaneous. But things haven't turned out that way. Hurmph.

I opened up my Clothes Graveyard today. It's a large bag I keep on the top shelf in my closet where I put to rest all the clothes that have served me well over the past year and a half while in Japan. The washing machines here will destroy any elastic in any clothes, and hanging them out to dry will stretch the necks of t-shirts and polo shirts. It's hard to find any decent socks here, ones that are all cotton and won't make my feet sweat. I'll have to stock up again when I get back to the States. With a mournful look and a silent prayer I closed the door on those socks for the last time. May they find the peace they sought on my feet, in the closet.

I bought a wrist pad for my keypad today. Ordinarily I wouldn't have bought it, especially since it cost 30 bucks, but it was well spent, I think. I was working quite a bit today on a new layout for my front page. It's going to have shadow effects and mouseovers and new images popping out of nowhere and it's going to be cool. My brother told me how to do a new thing with Photoshop. Hopefully I'll be putting up a couple sections I've been neglecting lately, too. Damn. I want to write a story or finish an article, but I have to break through the proverbial writers' block first. Gotta get back into practice. Back on the horse.

AAAAHHHHH!!!!! Vacation is half over and I haven't done any of the things that I really wanted to do. True, I've made some major modifications to my homepage. I guess that's something. No. I know that's something. But I wanted to do more. Sigh. Haha! I have too many things I have to do, even while I'm on break. I guess I'm starting to stress out again. I think I've just accepted the fact that no matter how non-stressful my life is, I'll always stress myself out.

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