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Takayama is a remarkable city for having maintained it's old fashioned appeal without submitting to the wave of modernizing tourism which is so prevalent in most of the major siteseeing cities in Japan.

Large portions of the city still have their traditional architecture. Shops, private residences, and a number of temples dot the northern section of the city.

The district of the city called San-machi Suji is the center of the old town of Takyama. The atmosphere of these streets is very relaxing and scattered among the old-styled buildings are museums, sake breweries and folk craft stores.

There are also antique shops, open walled markets and small restaraunts. I dined on "Hida Soba", a local specialty (buckwheat noodles with broth and vegetables). While most of the sites are not in this part of the city, this is where the Real Takayama is.

San-machi Suji: The Old Town

One of the more interesting ways to tour the city is in a rickshaw. Holding up to two people and costing anywhere from $30 to $100 you can get a ride around the old streets. Want just a picture with one? That's $10!

Seeing the city in style

Outside the old town the city is quite picturesque. This is a shot of the Masukatabashi Bridge overlooking the Miyagawa River. The River runs through the center of the city.

Here's the Miyagawa River on the opposite end of town; this time overlooked by the Morning Markets. Every day alongside the river, farmers' wives bring fresh vegetables, flowers and fruits to sell.

Zoom in for a closer look at the market tents

There are also a lot of craft sellers with touristy knick-knacks and Japanese-style omiyage. Prices are good, people are friendly and the environment is great.

The Miyagawa Morning Market

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