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Takayama Part III: Hida Folk Village
The Forest of Seven Lucky Gods

The interiors of the houses were nothing like what I expected. In the center was a large fireplace. They would lite the fire in the center of the room to provide warmth to the house, but more interestingly, the smoke actually helps the integrity of the construction of the house.

In stark contrast, the room next the previous one had tatami mats and a small immaculate shrine.

The rest of the insides were a mix of hardwood floored rooms, tatami-matted rooms and dirt floors. The insides were pretty bare, every square foot of space is used efficiently.

That about does it for the Hida Folk Village. The next few pictures were taken nearby at the Forest of Seven Lucky Gods!

At the entrance to the forest stand seven huge Edo-period granaries. Enshrined in each granary is a HUGE wooden statue of a "lucky god".
The lucky gods were expertly carved from 1,000 year old trees and each of the immense statues had a small altar in front of it.

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