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Takayama Part II: Hida Folk Village

On the outskirts of Takayama is the Hida Minzoku-mura, or "Hida folk Village". It is a collection of over 30 well preserved traditional Japanese dwellings, farmhouses and other buildings. The buildings were brought to Takayama from all over the region and preserved in their original state complete with artifacts.

Most of the exteriors reminded me of what I'd seen in parts of Ireland or in "Little House on the Prairie"! The roofs were thatched or wood-shingled and still had many of the old tools lying around. Here, at the side of this house, a stockpiling of wood for the cold winter months.

On this side of the house, however, you can see the very distinctive Japanese paper screens. You can also see the moss which grows on the thatched roof.

And here's a closeup of a thatched roof!
Click on the picture for an even CLOSER look!

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