Part II: Staying There (cont.)
The inside of the temples are as remarkable as the outside. A maze of hallways and rooms floored with tatami or hardwood and all immaculate.

The rooms I was given were larger than I or my friend expected
with a small balcony that overlooked the garden and pond.
And the single coolest thing about staying at a temple is having the monks prepare and bring you your meals. While the food is not always to their visitors' liking (strictly vegetarian) it is always made with care and delivered as art. Rice, tofu, seaweed, vegetables and sauces with some watermelon for desert.

And here my lovely friend models the yukata that was provided for us. Futon, sheets and pillows were provided as well!
Not only did they feed us well, but they also invited us to join in their morning prayers and watch their morning fire-ceremony. Then, after breakfast, they took us to their meditation room and taught us the very basics of zen meditation! We really got a great glimpse into the daily inner-workings of a temple! Ask ahead to see if your temple offers these services.


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