Part II: Staying There

In my humble opinion, if you go to Koya-san and don't stay at a temple on the mountain, you are missing out on a crucial part of your Koya-san visit. They can be a little expensive (perhaps about $100 US per night), but it will make your trip to Koya-san unforgettable.

Gateway to the temple
The temple entrance

The surroundings of our temple, as with most on the mountain, were beautiful. At present there are 110 temples on the mountain, but at one time Koya-san had 1,500 temples and many thousands of monks!

There was a wonderfully-tended garden with a lengthy pond and a small rock garden.

If you do decide to stay at a temple, be sure and book in advance, especially in the summer, when the weather on the mountain is terrific. It is very, very cold in the winter time.

The best place in the world to practice meditation


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