Tenjin Matsuri
The Palanquins

In old times, palanquins, much like these,
were used to carry the noble or very wealthy around the city.

On some of the larger palanquins there were
people banging drums, chanting and singing.

Inside a mikoshi, a partipant bangs on a copper drum

Fortunately, I was able to nab a bunch of good
shots of the most spectacular mikoshi of the parade!

Some of the palanquins and mikoshi were pulled along by thick ropes and tens of people as in the photo below. Some were pushed along on wheels and still others, like the largest one to the right, were held aloft, sometimes by fifty or a hundred people!

The leaders of the golden mikoshi drove their crews mercilessly, shouting at them and blowing their whistles constantly.

If you'd like to see more close up pictures of the golden mikoshi,
click on the thumbnails below!


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