Tenjin Matsuri
The Boats

Once the ceremony reaches Tenjin Bridge, over 100 boats and barges are lined up along the riverside where tens of thousands of people are waiting to board.

When the mikoshi are loaded onto the boats, the boats begin their slow trip downstream. But the fun doesn't stop there! On the water, people are entertained with, appropriately enough, very traditional Japanese arts, such as sacred music, court dances, and traditional theatre.
Once night falls the massive fireworks display starts.

Further Information on Tenjin Matsuri

Dates of Festival: July 24 - 25
Times of Festival: All day. If you can only make one day, make it July 25th. Plan to get there early, about 10 or 11am. Then, you can see many of the participants getting ready at Tenmangu Shrine as well as get a bite to eat from some of the vendors there.
Place of Festival: Osaka's Tenmangu Shrine to Tenjin Bridge. Arrive early at the shrine and follow the procession to Tenjin Bridge.
Osaka Visitors' Information Centers: Located in Umeda, Shin-Osaka, Tennoji, Namba and Universal City, they have English-speaking staff on duty between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. They have free maps and guides for general Osaka info and Tenjin Matsuri viewing.
Osaka Tenmangu Shrine: 06-6353-0025
Map to Osaka Tenmangu Shrine: Osaka Tourism Map
Tenjin Matsuri Links
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