Hounen Matsuri
Tagata Shrine -- This is where the fun begins. See what the shrine that holds "the big one" is like and learn about the history of Hounen Matsuri!
  The Procession II-- "The Big One" in all it's wooden glory! See here the centerpiece of the infamous Hounen Matsuri.
The Preparations -- Before the procession can begin, special rites must be performed, prayers must be said, and the participants have to get good and drunk!
  Mochi Nage -- What better way to end a fertility festival than throwing rice cakes into an agressive and enclosed elderly Japanese mob?
The Procession I-- Dancing, salt-throwing priests, phallus-bearing women and a whole lot of drunken 42 year-olds are required to bring the giant phallus to Tagata Jinjya!
  Omiyage -- Souvenirs and candies abound! Candies, suckers, manjyu, keychains and carved wooden decorations for your mantel at home!