Hounen Matsuri: Omiyage


Omiyage are gifts that Japanese people give to their bosses, co-workers, family and friends upon returning from a trip. This is done to keep the harmony of the office environment by showing that the vacationing worker was thinking of the people back home while they were toiling away in their offices.

There is something here for everyone!!

Need something to give the parents? Give them one of these beautiful wood-carved phalluses to place with pride on their mantel. Friends? Give them each a phallus keychain! On sale for only 400 yen each! (About $4 US)

Need something for the kids?? Here we have phallus and vagina suckers of varying size and colors as well as an assortment of other hard candies!
Here's my friend Lesa proudly purchasing a jumbo-sized phallus sucker. It's a sure thing that it'll go over well as omiyage!

I had a hard time deciding what I should bring back to my co-workers. I could pick crackers, some little candies, but I finally decided to go with the manjyu. Manjyu are small bread-dumpling-things with a filling. In this case, they were filled with azuki, a kind of bean paste. Of course, they were all in the shape of small phalluses.

And something for the boss? Why not a sake cup/pitcher in a very distinctive shape? Umeboshi (pickled-plumb) tray or maybe an ashtray. You definitely have a good selection.

Here are a few of my own souvenirs!
I think I'll keep the keychain on my bookcase instead of with my keys...
too many explanations necessary there!

I hope you've enjoyed the walk-through of the festival!
If you want to know anything else about the festival don't hesitate to email me!

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