Festivals of Japan
Hounen Matsuri -- Perhaps the most infamous Japanese festival, huge phalli are paraded down the streets. The last, great annual fertility festival takes place in a town near Nagoya!
  Danjiri Matsuri -- Osaka's roudiest festival, a large expensive shrine is run through the city streets sometimes colliding with hapless specators!
Tenjin Matsuri -- Processions of portable shrines and people in traditional clothes parade through the streets of Osaka. At night they are sent downriver with fireworks lighting the way.
  Hina Matsuri -- Dolls dedicated from all over the country are paraded to the docks and sent out to sea. This festival is held every year with the wish to drive the evil spirits out of girls!
Hanazumo Festival -- Also known as the "Crying Baby Sumo Festival". Crying and falling over bring good luck to the participants!
  O-shiro Matsuri -- The yearly parade and festival of Wakayama City. See the ALTs of Wakayama City march and dance alongside the Japanese!
Omizutori -- During the month of March in Nara, huge torches are paraded around the balcony of Nigatsudo Temple raining down embers upon the spectators!
  Hanami -- Yet another ancient tradition is the "cherry blossom viewing party". The Japanese sakura, or cherry blossoms, are famous throughout the world.