Japanese Castles
Himeji-Jo -- Himeji Castle is indisputably the most magnificent Japanese castle still standing in its original form. It has been home to 48 lords and the castle grounds are quite extensive.
  Hikone-Jo -- This castle in the small town of Hikone overlooks the gorgeous Lake Biwa-ko. Completed in 1622, it is considered one of the finest remaining castles in all of Japan in its original condition.
Inuyama-Jo -- This is one Japan's oldest, most well preserved donjons. It is also one of the few properties which is privately owned and is a designated a national treasure.
  Matsumoto-Jo -- It's three-turreted castle donjon provides an excellent view of the surrounding area. Matsumoto is situated on the edge of the Japan Alps.
Nijo-Jo -- Nijo Castle was built in 1603 for the first Tokugawa shogun, Ieyasu. His official residence when in Kyoto, it was built to be imposing and ostentatious as a sign of the fall of the emperor's power.
  Wakayama-Jo -- Originally built in 1585 it was razed in WWII and has since reconstructed. The castle itself isn't as impressive as its gardens, so I have pictures of both here!
Osaka-Jo --- The original castle was completed in 1583. It took 100,000 workers slaving away for more than three years to complete. It has since been destroyed twice and restored twice.