Wakayama Castle

Wakayama Castle was made in 1585 by Toyotomi Hideyoshi but was destroyed in WWII. The keep, or main donjon, of the castle is actually the least impressive feature of the castle today. Most of the castle's beauty lies in the surrounding grounds and walkways, especially during cherry blossom season!

The steps up to the main keep

The castle also has a small zoo, traditional Japanese garden, and picnic areas.

The day I took these pictures was "sketch day" for Seiwa JHS.

Each grade went to a different part of the castle and drew a gate, the donjon or a pathway.

Wakayama Castle Garden

This small building overlooks the pond in Wakayama Castle garden. It was restored in 1973 and is build on four piles of granite rocks which rest in the pond. A great place just to sit, open the paper doors and relax.

The Engyokaku

The garden was reconstructed in painstaking detail to ensure that it would be an authentic Japanese garden. It was built with several bridges (stone and wood), a pond, and a Japanese teahouse.

In this teahouse women in kimono serve visitors traditional Japanese tea. Unfortunately, authentic traditional Japanese tea is green, thick enough to walk on, and is about as tasteful as liquified grass. BUT it was a very interesting, experience! I recommend it if you have the opportunity!

The Koshoan (a tea room)


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