Matsumoto Castle: Page II

The inside of the castle is as beautiful as the outside! Here's some shots of the latticed-windowed corridors of Matsumoto-jo.

To the right is a suit of
traditional samurai armor; this
set worn by Toda Yasunaga. The
Toda family ruled over Matsumoto
and her lands for nine generations.

The inside rooms are still intact unlike so many other Japanese castles which have only been reconstructed for their outside appearance. This was the lord's sitting room on the fourth floor of the main donjon.

Goza-no-ma or the "lord's sitting room"

Here's a shot of the open walkways of the regal Moon Viewing Keep.

Matsumoto-jo's Moon Viewing Keep

The bridge leading up to the donjon complex

Loopholes were made throughout every floor of the donjon where defenders could shoot guns or rain arrows down upon attackers. There were eleven places in the donjon from where defenders could drop stones.

The opposite side of the moat
as seen from a loophole

The three gables of the south side of the main donjon covered with black Japanese tiles. The six floored donjon is truly an impressive site from any area of the grounds around the castle.


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