Hikone Castle: Page III

Of course the great donjon is only part of the reason to visit this particular castle. There's the view of Lake Biwa-ko, the museum, and the interior and exterior gardens. Here's my friend, Naoko, in the garden outside of the main donjon.


A nice walk around the donjon

Here is a shot of the moat. As you can see, the algae has taken over most of the moat but it doesn't stop the persistent ducks. The algae in the moat is so thick that I saw one duck walking on the surface! No kidding! The religious implications are astounding.

The thatched roof teahouse
the garden bridge

Genkyu-en Garden is attached to the castle, but across the moat from the main donjon. It is the one of the best examples of a traditional Japanese garden I've ever seen. There is a pond stocked with ornamental carp and swans. Across the pond is a thatched roof teahouse where you can be served green, frothy traditional Japanese tea. The sloped garden winds around the pond and has a hundred different types of trees and flowers. I'd definitely come here every day if I lived in this town!


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