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JET Links

Here are some sites with some very useful information. If you have a site that you believe should go here, just email me!

JET Program
The Official Homepage.
‘Nuff said.

The Japan FAQ
Know before you go.
A great site.

ELT News
A whole lot of news for anyone who teaches English.

JetSet Japan
A great site with tons of information that JETs
have to know

The JET Files
Want to know what life
as an ALT is like?
Read the JET Files!

A directory of good
and bad information
sites on Japan
JET Tales
Some good information
on Japan.
A JET's personal site.
He's hilarious
The JET Alumni
Association home page

Special Guest Gaijin
Good site from a
California girl who
spent a year in Japan

The JET-L Archives
The archives of the famous JET-List

The JET Program Survey
Work-related problems of JET Program
Debunking eikaiwa, one school at a time.
JET chat rooms, bulletin boards, and complaints of the program

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