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Farstrider's Jukebox FAQ

Common questions and their answers of the audio
and video clips featured on this website!

Q. What do I need to make the videos/audio work?
A: The only thing you need is the latest version of RealPlayer.

Q: I have RealPlayer installed, but I can't hear anything or get the videos to work!
A: The videos are encoded using the RealVideo 9 codec and usually can't be played on earlier versions of RealPlayer. Download the latest player and you should be fine.

Q: I want to download these little videos! How can I do that?
A: You can download the music videos by right-clicking on the "DL!" icon next to the title of the video and selecting "save target as...". My travel videos are not available for download.

Q: Where can I get more of these Japanese music videos?
A: You can buy the DVDs of the music videos from specialty CD shops or online vendors like or You can also sample them by downloading off of file-sharing programs like WinMX. Searching the net, you can find great sites like this one which offer sample videos for download, but there are not many stable sites like this.

Q: How do you make these mini-videos?
A: I encode the videos from mpegs with HelixProducer, made by RealNetworks.

Q: I checked your site a few days ago and it has the same audio, but the music videos are different. Is there someplace I can download the older videos?
A: Unfortunately, I don't have unlimited space on my web server so I can't keep every video available for download. I change the videos every so often to keep some variety going. The audio is only changed once in a great while because there's enough of a variety there already. If there is a Japanese pop/rock star you think is really good, email me the name and a few song titles and maybe my site will feature them soon!

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